The Strength of Will

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By Chris Seeger

Along my journey of self-improvement and inspiration I discovered a profound truth that is already a well-known fact. The strength of will is true strength indeed. Though it is well-known, it is rarely used to it’s extraordinary potential. In a few of my past blog entries I have touched on will power but never went into depth. I have only recently begun to understand the true power of will myself. Basically will power is the ability to push one’s self beyond limits they themselves or others thought possible. This philosophy can be applied to anything in a person’s life. From the most menial daily task to a seemingly impossible undertaking, willpower can be used to improve one’s attitude and odds of success. It can even be used to improve a person’s happiness. Even though it has been a recognized human trait for hundreds, if not thousands of years, will power has been neglected because many people choose an easy path through life. In order to fully utilize will power one must accept a simple truth. The fact that they have the capability to complete or surpass whatever goal they want to achieve. Many people fall short of their goal because of limitations they set for themselves. We as humans are not perfect creatures by any means. The strength to continue on until one’s goal is accomplished is true strength of will. To pick one’s self back up after failing and trying until we surpass our goal is the peak of the human existence.

As of late I have been training my strength of will in order to surpass my own goals. From my daily workouts to my dedication to sit down and continue writing, will power has pushed me forward. The system I have come up with in order to meet and exceed the goals I set is very easy to understand and implement. For my workouts I tell myself I will run 1.5 miles. Once I begin running and hit that mark I keep going, forcing myself to run 2 miles. I continue pushing myself until I hit 2.5, then 3 and so on and so forth. Don’t push so hard you hurt yourself but also don’t settle for mediocre. Regrettably I must confess that throughout my entire life I have rarely pushed myself past the bare minimum. As I stated previously, I am just now, (at 24 years old) beginning to understand the true strength felt from actually applying one’s will. It takes years of intently training one’s ability to harness their willpower in order to surpass the limitations they have set for themselves. Though it is insanely tough now, I have a feeling once I finally do reach that point, it will all be worth it. Until recent months I had never grasped the saying, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” Now I push myself past my limits every day. As a result I have gained the strength to quit many of my bad habits, follow my passion for writing and massively improve the condition of my body. I suppose the lesson I would choose to leave my readers is to not set limitations for yourself. Breaking a limit set by yourself is terribly harder than knowing there are no limits. Push yourself to run that extra mile, put down that cookie, read a book and altogether improve yourself.

“The strength of will is true strength indeed.”- Chris Seeger


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    bobbysee said:
    June 3, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Well done…

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