Day: June 14, 2015

Impending Storm

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 Last night I watched the storm roll across the bay. Something kind of clicked and I felt like writing. Being a writer means that one is often struck by random creative thoughts. In my case, if I don’t sit and write down the creative thoughts, they disappear. This is the product of my thoughts, inspired by the storm. Enjoy….

By Chris Seeger
Steady breeze hails impending storm,

Distant thunder rumbles with ire,

Lightning follows and the sky is torn,
Increasing all as they near, entire,

Clouds grow dark with capricious glow,

I watch at my window approaching haze,

Rain strikes glass with wails of woe,

Hours pass and still I gaze,

Thunder settles and lightning fades,

Cleansing rain has washed the earth,

Colors renew and light cascades,

Passing storms endow new birth.