Day: July 14, 2015

Unlimited Possibilities

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By Chris Seeger

Our minds are the most useful tools in our lives. They can take us on incredible adventures in creativity, broaden our learning capability, push us to new limits and so much more. I often ask myself, why, if we have such amazing abilities granted to us as human beings, do most people not take full advantage of their gifts? Lately I have strayed a bit from my gift, (as we all do sometimes) because of the distractions of life. Every day, all day, ideas appear in my mind as if they were placed there for me to write down. Writing is difficult even when it is a passion or gift. Even so, as any decent writer will confirm, the real challenge is forcing myself to sit down and write. Dispelling all the distractions long enough to use your mind for something productive is arduous. Though, I find that once I have begun to concentrate on a lone task like writing, I am unstoppable. Many nights I have gone sleepless, unable to tear myself from my keyboard or shut out the constant flow of thoughts running through my mind. That, my friends, is the sign of a true gift. It is only possible because I choose to utilize the mind I have been afforded. Without making myself take the time to use my mind I never would have progressed in my life as much as I have this past year. I never would have come up with the insane idea to travel the world or start this blog. Both of which have changed my life drastically in the best way. Most people I have encountered don’t actually apply themselves to their strengths. Without employing their minds they are wasting their gifts, (whatever they may be) as they coast through life. The sad part is, I used to be a coaster. Over the past year I have pushed myself into a new and improved mindset. The only thing I know for sure is that I refuse to live my life on cruise control. Take action. Take control of your life, and for God’s sake, use your minds to their full potential. You never know what possibilities might unearth themselves once you do. More free minds make the world a better place.