It’s A Beautiful Day to Get Inspired!

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By Chris Seeger

Good day readers. This is the blog that everyone should be reading because it could very well inspire you to change your life. Everyone has ups and downs that may alter your day to day habits. Recently I re-evaluated my life and found that I was headed down a short path to self-destruction. I was a heavy drinker and had been smoking for almost a decade. My diet was basically made up of fat, sugar and more fat.  It felt as if I was inviting diabetes and cancer to the party. So many decisions I have made have had a negative impact on my life. I was able to recognize these mistakes and have had the courage to change my stars. The commitment it takes to learn from past failures and improve upon yourself is not easy to find without some kind of inspiration every now and then. My pursuit is to inspire you from time to time and hopefully help many of you find the courage it takes to improve your own lives. Thank you for reading. Enjoy.

I’ll leave you with my first quote. “It’s a beautiful day to get inspired!”- Chris Seeger